The Invisible Power of Beauty

From the series: 
The Incredibles-Discovering Your Family's Super Powers
Pastor Chris Bennett


Beauty has incredible power both for good and evil.  One woman's beauty was said to be so powerful that an entire war was fought over her.  She had the "face that launched a thousand ships". In the story of "The Incredibles", we see two young women:  Violet and Mirage.  Violet's super power enables her to become invisible if she wants.  Like many girls, she is insecure about her appearance and often hides who she is out of fear of rejection.  Mirage shows you an exterior quite confidently or so it appears but what you think you see is not real.  Both women have power and both struggle with how to use it. In this message, we learn that every woman has the opportunity to reflect God's beauty for God's glory.   

Message Date: 
May 25, 2015