Our Sunday morning small groups meet from 9:15-10:15 in various locations on the Immanuel campus.  (See list of groups below.) These groups are designed for you to be built up and encouraged in your faith as you make meaningful connections with others.  Whatever your age or stage of spiritual development, we have a group for you to join.  

If you are a guest at Immanuel, when you enter the Main Building, go directly to the Welcome Center in the main foyer.  Someone will be there to greet you and direct you to the room where your small group gathers.  (The Main Building is the south building on our campus which includes the Worship Center.  The Education Building is the north building on our campus which includes the Fellowship Center.) 

Here are the current groups, group leaders, and meeting locations:

Young Adults

Loren Swor                                                           

Main Building (Upstairs)  

40 Somethings

Darrell Smith                                                                                                           

Main Building (Upstairs)  

50 Somethings

Mark Spradlin, Jimmy Morgan     

Main Building (Upstairs)  

60 Somethings

Pat Scott                                                                                          

Education Building (Downstairs)

Senior Adults

Dorthy Cox, Fred Paramore                                                      

Main Building (Downstairs-Chapel)


Doris Mooney, Kenneth Cook, Robert Davenport                                                                                                                                        

Education Building (Downstairs-Parlor)


Kelli Burke                                                                                                        

Main Building (Upstairs)


Gwen Brashears & Glenn Weightman                                                          

Main Building (Upstairs)

Adult Special Education

Danny Taylor                                                                                                    

Education Building (Downstairs)